Aqua Blue Tint, White 2-Color Mix    --------   White Opalescent, Light Green Transparent 2-Color Mix

White, Deep Royal Purple, Cranberry Pink 3+ Color Mix    ------   Cranberry Pink, White 2-Color Mix

Clear, Deep Cobalt Blue Opal 2-Color Mix   ------------    Light Turquoise Blue, True Blue 2-Color Mix

Clear, Egyptian Blue Opal 2-Color Mix   ---------   White, Lavender Blue Opal 2-Color Mix

Red Opalescent    --------        Yellow, Red 2-Color Mix

Clear, White 2-Color Mix   ---------   Clear, French Vanilla Opal 2-Color Mix

Clear, Sunflower Yellow Opal 2-Color Mix   -----   Medium Amber, White 2-Color Mix

White Opalescent, Black Opalescent 2-Color Mix

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